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Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of the Bible Quiz is to encourage in-depth, disciplined study of the Word of God. God’s Word planted in the heart and memory of young people will not only bring conviction of sin and show the need of our Savior, but will prepare them to ably resist Satan because of God’s precious Word hidden in their hearts.

Personnel for the Bible Quiz:

A. Quizmaster

  1. The quizmaster shall check all questions for accuracy and construction preceding the quiz.
  2. The quizmaster shall assume sole responsibility for judging and determining the correctness of an answer given. He can be assisted by the technical judge. The judge’s decision, however, is final.
  3. The quizmaster will meet with all coaches, team captains and quiz officials previous to the tournament to come to an agreement on the interpretation of rules and other quiz details.
  4. The quizmaster must be totally impartial.
  5. The quizmaster shall prepare all questions.

B. Technical Judges (at least three)

  1. Shall determine the accuracy of an answer when contested.
  2. Shall act only upon the request of the quizmaster.

C. Monitor Judges (three to five)

  1. Shall determine who stands or jumps first, on toss-up questions.
  2. Shall watch for any unruly conduct during the quiz.

D. Scorekeepers (at least two)

  1. Shall watch to determine or confirm that five different members of one team has answered questions correctly.
  2. Shall record the individual team scores on a board in view of the audience

E. Timekeeper

  1. Shall keep time on the five-second start of a question.
  2. Shall determine when time to answer a question has expired.

Team Requirements:

  1. A team may be composed of any number of members.
  2. Each team is entitled to one coach and shall select a captain.
  3. Eligibility is constituted by being a member of the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. who is not above the age of twenty-five (25) years old.
  4. Quizzers shall stand to answer questions.
  5. Each tem member must have a number pinned, or in visible sight on them. (This is a diocese responsibility)
  6. Each team member must be registered with the Sunday School & HYM Congress and must wear a registration badge.

Platform Rules:

      1. The decision as to whether an answer is correct will be made by the quizmaster. An answer is correct when:
      2. All questions will be based on the King James Version of the Bible.
      3. After a toss-up question is read, if no contestant responds within five seconds, the question is closed.
      4. General questions may be repeated only once.
      5. Toss-up questions may be repeated only once.
      6. Questions will not be passed on to another team.
      7. If a questions is missed, the quizmaster will give the correct answer and continue with the next question.
      8. If there is a tied score at the end of the quiz, single questions will be added until the tie is broken.
        1. It contains the information requested.
        2. The quotation is word for word as found in the King James Version of the Bible.
        3. The quizmaster will accept only the first answer given.
      9. If there is a reason to believe the quizmaster has ruled incorrectly on the answer, ONLY the team captain may contest the decision.
        1. The contest must be made immediately following the quizmaster’s decision.
        2. The Quizmaster, on the counsel of the judges (if desired) shall have sole authority in determining whether a challenge is meritorious.
        3. The validity of a question cannot be contested.

Type of Questions Used:

  1. Interrogative questions built on two premises: direct key words from scripture and the use of an interrogative as who, what, why, where, which and how.
  2. Completion (direct quotations from the scriptures)
  3. Toss-up questions for which quizzers will either stand or jump to full stature.
  4. Multiple Choice
  5. True or False
  6. Spelling

Jumping Procedures:

  1. All quizzers must stand or jump up to full stature on Toss-ups or general questions.
  2. If a quizzer stands before the question is complete, whether toss-up or general, he will be allowed ten (10) seconds to complete the question to the satisfaction of the quizmaster. If the question is not answered or not completed to the quizmaster’s satisfaction, then a deduction of ten (10) points will be taken from the team’s score.


    1. Each question, other than toss-ups shall be worth five (5) points.
    2. Toss-up questions shall be worth ten (10) points
    3. A team shall receive fifteen (15) bonus points when five different members of the team answer a question.
      1. Any team which has a twenty (20) point lead over its nearest competitor may choose a bonus question.
      2. A team may take or refuse a bonus question.
      3. Twenty (20) points are awarded if correctly answered; twenty points shall be deducted twenty points if incorrectly answered or not answered.


If monitor judge determines that a team is unruly, the team shall be disqualified from the quizz. Such like, but not limited to: discussing answers among themselves, using Bibles, unsportsmanlike conduct.

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